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Triskel International provides asset protection to personnel and operating premises to include:

  • Consultancy on premises covering security and physical assets
  • Defence plan and construction
  • Electronic counter-measure plan and installation
  • Executive protection
  • Reputational risk
  • Incidents investigation
  • Audit and Management of local security
  • Local law and compliance
  • Provision of security managers


The security of ‘Critical Areas and Infrastructure’ prevents possible attacks or intrusions, and minimises any possible effect. The technical measures implemented seek to reduce any danger to the site, personnel and equipment.

We trace and recover any misappropriated asset worldwide, and minimise the impact of frauds in business, to re-establish the confidence and reaffirm the clients reputation.


T-RISK is a program aimed at securing expatriates and business travellers.

To ensure safe and professional travelling in precarious locations, T-RISK provides the following services:

  • Client software platform and application T-Risk.
  • Security monitoring and analysis of more than 160 countries at medium and high risk; the client receives real-time developments and updates for the entirety of the operation.
  • Constant 24/7 monitoring allows for security measures and procedures to be adjusted according to any change in the risk level.
  • Security documentation stored into the platform, and available to consult 24/7
  • Produces in-depth situation reports, analysing the particular threats the expatriate or the traveller could be confronted with. It also provides advice on the political, social and cultural situation in the country, including the best line of actions to adopt in specific case scenario.
  • Meet and greet service. We inform travellers about any logistics issue from arrival in the country until repatriation. Our consultants will prepare the arrival of the client in-country and will be guided/escorted for the period of operation or business travel. Security consultants are provided to our clients to facilitate their mobility and secure their arrival, permanence and business activity.
  • Provision of technical handbooks, personally or electronically, before departure. We create comprehensive security document will list the dangers present in the country, together with useful contacts and information.
  • Pre-departure awareness induction/training. Provide your employees with useful information that could save their lives, in line with the legal requirements of the Duty of Care Responsibilities for employers. An induction/training on security issues is carried out before the departure by our consultants to the personnel.
  • Provision of fitted real-time tracking solutions: satellite tracking system and alert devices, including software for 24/7 alert notifications, and security app downloadable on any mobile. We can permanently monitor travellers and send an alert on any type of device, either from us or to the client in real-time.
  • Emergency or medical evacuation. Should the circumstances deteriorate, the Triskel International Crisis Management Cell will organise a swift and safe repatriation. Medical repatriation is arranged in case of an accident, without the need of membership fees.

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Protecting high-net-worth individuals, or celebrities / VIPs requires an extensive knowledge and experience as well as complete commitment to confidentiality and specific trained abilities to sympathise with the Clients’ expectation.

Therefore, we aim to provide a service that is based on extensive professional experience and UpToDate academic research.

The planning includes the following four steps:


The management of the logistics is to be in synchronicity with the security measures to ensure the smooth running of the day by day business and activities.

Triskel evaluation of logistic strategies is a fundamental aspect for the implementation and optimization of the security around the clients and their families.


Managing the transport of the client around the world, is the most delicate task of Close Protection. The moment the persons move, they become vulnerable. This is the reason Triskel takes special attention to the choice of transport and logistics. The most suitable vehicle and transport provider be for a car, a boat or a helicopter, is chosen according to the client’s needs and the specific security requirements.


Close Protection Officers are deployed on a regular basis by Triskel: Professionals with various certificates and accreditations in Close Protection, extensive experience, multilingual and chosen for the specific skilled required for the task, working with extreme discretion and confidentiality.

Our Officers have a military background, are capable of working under pressure for several hours without losing focus or interest. Triskel personnel are trained to perform efficiently to safeguard your life and movement with the added benefit of a subtle and unobtrusive presence.

Our Security Management and Close Protection services can be supplemented and supported by:

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Property Vulnerability Assessments
  • Safe Room Design
  • Logistical support
  • Tracking Technology for Personnel and Assets ( T-Risk )
  • 24/7 Assistance Control room
  • Residential Security Teams
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Security-Trained Drivers
  • Personal Medical Officers
  • Pre-Travel Security Planning
  • Location Reconnaissance
  • VIP Meet & Greet
  • Yacht security team
  • Maritime security



Triskel International provides a comprehensive range of bespoke training solutions for government departments and official national forces including Military and Police personnel.

Our team of highly experienced expert advisors and specialist training teams can deliver our programmes to meet the training requirements of your country’s security personnel.

Triskel International specialises in the design and delivery of training programmes of specific countries’ threat and risk analysis. Our training forms a pivotal part of improving national security and helps personnel to understand the root causes of terrorism, piracy, criminality, humanitarian disasters and issues such as mass migration and poverty.

Having a greater understanding and knowing how to deal with issues that affect national security, we improve the way your personnel approaches security as a whole. Our training is complemented by a 24/7 operational support team which allows us to deliver our training services anywhere in the world at short notice, giving fresh intelligence updates to our training staff on the ground. In this way, the training we deliver is in line with the current threats and our risk analysis.

Our training services allow our clients to operate in some of the world’s most remote, hostile and challenging regions without compromising their security, safety, reputation or business.

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