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The T-Risk APP, a simple way to make the safest choices while you travel, knowing that we are there when you need us.

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Two platforms

Mobile App

T-Risk has created an all-in-one smartphone application designed to inform and support travellers, but also to provide the most effective response tool during an emergency.

Web platform

The web-based T-Risk Platform provides users with a number of enhanced features for both travellers and managers aimed at maintaining situational awareness, assess risk and support the decision-making process.

Mobile App

Latest alerts

The T-Risk App provides updated information about the chosen country of travel. Every day are published almost hundreds of alerts on over 200 countries, with reliable and verified content to allow for informed decisions.

Country monitoring

Choose your countries of interest to receive notifications that will be stored under “MY COUNTRIES”. The T-Risk App sends a push notification to your device, to notify of any relevant security event occurring in your precise location and/or for your countries of choice.

Country profile

Check the country profiles and daily real-time updates on over 200 countries. Learn about the environment you are about to enter, to ensure your journey is safe. Our information is sourced from reliable international agencies and a wide network of reputable local consultants

Tracking service

Register your trip with T-Risk to allow us for monitoring 24/7. Our Control Room Operators monitor security events around you to ensure you are safe during your journey

Security geo-fences

Choose the safest itinerary with the help of our Danger Zone Maps and receive alerts when approaching a dangerous area. In such event, an alert will appear on your device, and one will be raised in our control room. Our security advisor will contact you to make sure you are safe and provide guidance against unsound movements

SOS panic button

The SOS panic button is a lifesaving option available on the T-Risk App in case of imminent or actual danger for your life. Security procedures are in place to help with a swift response. Receive a direct call from our operations’ room, to immediate deployment of local security providers in your last recorded location

Web Platform

Platform description

The T-Risk Platform enables the access and use of our full range of security services that include Country Profiles, Threat Evaluations, News Alerts and Tracking Tools.

The platform also offers a range of company-oriented tools, created to allow compliance with the current Duty of Care obligations.

Empowered by:

T-Risk travel security APP is powered by a reputable security company. Our mission is to protect travellers and assets using cutting-edge technology to provide 24/7 support and intelligence services. Our Control Room’s permanent team consists of experienced professional security advisors and intelligence professionals with Defence and military background. Travellers may travel knowing that their security is T-Risk primary concern.

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