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Security reviews and audits are vital to security risk management.

Reviews help us decide what sources are needed, while audits are critical for the quality assurance process. Triskel offers to its clients two key advantages in this area. We use proven methodologies, and our consultants understand how to tailor our service for the specific security context.

Security review will assess your existing infrastructure and its methodologies. They will identify gaps and make recommendations for you, to mitigate at best the risks associated with identified threats. Security audits ensure that policies and procedures are implemented correctly.

Both activities should be supported by a security risk assessment to help maintain a balanced approach to security risk management.

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Our aim is to be prepared for any eventuality during our client’s operations.

A viable strategy to achieve this is to control and limit the exposure to danger. The following services have been identified and planned for the purpose:

  • Creation of Corporate Security policy and Procedures
  • Analysis and evaluation of areas of risk and vulnerability
  • Comprehensive reviews of existing security systems and procedures
  • Creation of operational Security procedures
  • Compliance with local law, regulations, and practice
  • Contingency planning to manage security related incidents and compliment business aims and objectives
  • Designing input and comprehensive development of security system
  • Creation of your secured “Cloud Security Office” for all documents provided, with free access 24/7

Triskel International develops, supports and enhances the security structure of your company. Our clients can rely on our highly trained consultants, having vast experience in drawing crisis management plans and assisting clients to prevent or recover from hazardous and volatile situations.

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Due Diligence investigation processes are employed to exercise reasonable care and avoid unnecessary exposure.

Due diligence investigation processes are employed to exercise reasonable care and avoid unnecessary exposure.

These investigations are done to verify any stated information prior to a business transaction and reveal any fraud. In this way, we can minimise any business risk while providing quality information to the decision-makers.

  • Reduction of risk
  • Minimise inconvenient situations
  • Obtain information
  • Ensures reliability
  • Avoid accidents
  • A good business practice

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Triskel’s extensive experience in risk management is corroborated by an in-depth analysis of possible threats.

From the macro-level to single countries or regions, the Triskel Analysis Division provides our Clients with an up to date information flow on terrorism risks, political developments and economic trends in the markets in which they operate. Tailored analytical services are associated with a solid threat assessment. In addition to a 24/7 monitoring service of every single event that could affect our Client’s security, we provide on the ground information thanks to our collaborators located worldwide. From the global level to the local issues, Triskel’s comprehensive analysis help mitigate risks, report on single events or analyse complex phenomena, providing essential data for your business strategy and operations.

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As one of the first firms to launch an anti-piracy services on board of commercial vessel, we are still providing consultancy for clients operating within the maritime sector.


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